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View Poll Results: Do you use Blocks in Reason ?
Yes 124 43.66%
No 141 49.65%
I don't know how 19 6.69%
Voters: 284. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2013-01-03, 13:36
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Originally Posted by sinnerfire View Post
WTF? Now i know why 008 thought i was crazy and TBH.... he was right.
Why do people want to take my blocks away from me!? lol

Originally Posted by djSidious View Post
I hear ya but if this thread has accomplished anything, its this... Blocks! Useful or not...doesnt seem like it will be missed that much if taken out and replaced with Radical Keys *sips his hopeful juice*
That will never happen. So, you should just quit drinking "hopeful juice" right now and, put the money you save toward RadKeys.
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Old 2013-01-03, 16:04
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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
I haven't voted yet as the options don't cover my use of Blocks.

I do not use blocks as Props intended - I use them as (a damn poor substitute for) markers.

When I think about it, it's incredible that we have 'Blocks' but no markers.
I also began to use reason blocks as markers . I've seen him do in this video and
it has been my ruin: D
Old 2013-01-21, 22:28
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People who dont like it, just havent figured it out yet. It really can work with every style of music in some way, as more than just a way to label stuff. =)
Old 2013-03-05, 17:57
kingpinnsix kingpinnsix is offline
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I don't actually edit the blocks, I just use them to mark where phrases start and end
Old 2013-03-05, 20:56
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what kind of method do use if you want to create linked repetitive midi clips (so if I change something inside one of them all of them should change itself the same way), as far as I know the only way for this is the block mode, or have I missed something obvious (ctrl+drag method creates independent clips, doesn't it)?

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Old 2013-03-05, 21:36
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what kind of crazy person would want to get rid of Blocks? it's one of the best features of the sequencer when it comes to figuring out and manipulating song structure.
Old 2013-03-05, 22:20
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I hope the PROPS guy who thought BLOCKS was a good idea stays far away from Reason 7
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Old 2013-03-05, 22:43
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Originally Posted by davidvilla View Post
I hope the PROPS guy who thought BLOCKS was a good idea stays far away from Reason 7
Nevermind that, I just hope the people that don't understand the value of Blocks can launch Reason 7 and comprehend it without hurting themselves!

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Old 2013-03-05, 23:46
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I'll bite...

I see the block button. I understand its features. I don't use it.

As a person who records more audio than midi here, I feel it would dishonor the song if I were to loop a audio phrase throughout the song. That tends to dehumanize the tune. I like to play right through, and add/edit to that recording afterwards. I treat the whole song as a block. That's how I roll.

Still didn't vote. You don't pigeonhole me
Cookie I think you're tame.
Old 2013-03-06, 04:33
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I use both methods dependent upon what the project is. It's very handy, but I don't lock myself into just one form of working, it can stifle creativity.

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