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Old 2013-01-18, 05:43
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Originally Posted by Rhypht View Post
I have lately really been trying to get going in the Dubstep production world. Right now, I only have Reason 6, and I am finding myself getting stuck and not knowing how to proceed.
I know there are a few Dubstep producers who use Reason for their tracks, but I have not found many in my searching. I was hoping to be able to hear tracks that I know were made in Reason so I can help myself understand how you make Dubstep in Reason. I also wanted to maybe chat with a few producers who use it so I can get a better understanding of how to go about making my own.
There are only a very small handful of Reason Dubstep tutorials on YouTube, all of which I have watched, and there is an even smaller amount that pertain specifically to Reason 6 (I think I found one, and it wasn't a full on Dubstep tutorial, just BoyInABand experimenting with R6 when it first came out).
If anyone can recommend any tuts, producers, or tracks that pertain to Dubstep production in R6, it'd be greatly appreciated.
Suprised nobody has mentioned this, but one of the best tutorials i have seen for reason is from FUNTCASE, google "funtcase computer music masterclass" trust me its very good, he goes through every little bit of his track and i think it is made in reason 4 so you will be able to do everything he does in reason 6 and more, its a good tutorial to get tips from i actually started to make dubstep after seeing that tutorial because it was wayy more informative than any other house or techno tutorials i had seen (i want to produce house/techno)
Old 2013-01-18, 08:27
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everything in Reason and the last part is the only dubsteppy part to the song . dont really make dub step or electronic music much but i do it for the fun of it and switching it up.

i have ableton live 8 as well and havent touched it(dont know why i bought it , buyers remorse), along with Massive. went thru a bunch of presets on Massive and its pretty much anything Reason can do.

hopefully ill use the Live loop triggering one of these days but production wise im all Reason.
Old 2013-01-18, 12:45
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Check it out. Nextep ! Dubstep influenced :P 100% produced and mixed in reason (altough mastered outside of it)

Old 2013-01-18, 12:47
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There are a couple of dubstep tracks done in Reason 6 on my page (Keep on Moving and Armed and Dangerous).

I learnt it all from Youtube and listenting to "real" artists. Perhaps a good idea to learn is to find a dubstep remix competition and use some of their stems to help you get a certain sound (google it - there is a good website for remix comps)
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Old 2013-01-18, 15:02
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I make dubstep using Reason 6.5 as well as have started making some tutorial videos. I make some of the harder sounding stuff. If there's any questions you have I can attempt to answer them.

By the way I have about 3 dubstep tutorials I am planning on doing soon I just need to record them.
Old 2013-03-07, 08:30
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jakwob uses reason, also cookie monsta,. if u wanna check out how to make some sick "massive" type synth sounds check out some of lucky dates vid tutorials, also there is a fm synth re,. but if u cant afford that there is a chris petty tutorial vid where he wires like 3 or 4 thors all crazy and it gives a screaming fm synth..

A wise man can use his hands to turn earth into gold
Old 2013-04-05, 21:50
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I only use reason to make dubstep

Honestly a huge amount of oldschool dubstep was made using reason. I had in the past used fruity loops and real get better sounds using reason due to its complex routing capabilities. It takes a while to real learn how to get under the hood and design the sounds. In the end its worth it. Now i Cant use anything but reason for it. Producers like Stagga and Cookie Monsta made their signature sounds with reason. boy in a band has heeps of great tutorials on youtube that will help you out a lot and he is very good at teaching you what is going on with the synths verus set this knob to this value and so on.
I hope this helps some what
Old 2013-06-14, 06:49
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Originally Posted by Rhypht View Post
@Mate: Yeah man your tracks are definitely crisp, I am just trying to get at more modern, heavy Dubstep (think Chrispy, Mizuki's Last Chance, Dorincourt,, modern Nero and Flux Pavillion, etc.)

@Borderline: I know Massive is a popular tool among modern Dubstep producers, and if Reason 6 had VST support then I'd already own it.. I just don't like the idea of going out and buying a new DAW with VST support after buying Reason, I know it's gotta be possible to do well in Reason so that's why I'm on the search for tuts/producers/tracks that use R6 only.
NEVER STOP WATCHING TUTORIALS.....they have made all the difference for me. Boyinaband is a great site, all of his tips and attention to detail are very useful. Up until 2 months ago I had used nothing but reason since version 2.5 circa 2005, but I can't describe the level of quality that a decent mastering suite can bring to your music. I now use Ableton strictly for izotope's Ozone5 mastering suite and I use reason for EVERYTHING else!!!
Old 2013-06-14, 12:42
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I Produce Deep, Dungeon Style Dubstep with Reason now.

here is an example:
and a clip of my newest track:

before that i had a project with a friend. it was mostly brostep but we called it funstep because it features some funny sampling
heres the youtube channel:

all produced inside reason 6 and 6.5

I have managed to get me a nice collection of selfmade combinator patches over time. if your interessted i could share some with you

Old 2013-06-14, 20:22
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I remembered this guy using Reason from a CM dubstep vs. dnb edition, might be helpful

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