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Old 2013-03-07, 23:29
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Should I get Predator even though I already have Antidote

I am really liking both Antidote and PX7 at the moment and I have been trying to move away from the reason factory synths because I like exploring new territory if you know what I mean.
I want 3 'go to' synths and was looking at predator as my third 'go to' synth but i can't decide whether I should go for it or not, even after the 30 day trial, so maybe your opinions can help me??

P.S. By the way, is Predator a wavetable synth? because there are some places on the internet that say its an analog synth, so now i'm confused about what type of synth it is :/
And is there much point in having two analog synths??
Old 2013-03-07, 23:42
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I say, no... Coz it seems you're in doubt, so no... That's my honest opinion... Might just wait for a bit, like a month or two, I can smell few RE synths coming out... More to choose from = More FUN!
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Old 2013-03-08, 12:44
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I agree that if you're not sold on it after playing around for 30 days then you probably won't miss it.
I was sold by the Predator within an hour, but at the time I was also yearing for new sounds and found the arp sounds to be right down my alley. It also has some amazing effects, of course, but it is a pricy synth.

My "go to synth" is actually the Korg Polysix. As simple as it is, it has a lovely sound and it fits my style.

Maybe you just need some new patches/combinators for the synths you already have. I've barely touched the Antidote since I bought it, but I know there is much potential for it down the road... there's no rush.
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Old 2013-03-08, 13:42
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If you haven't jumped on it after a month then you are buying it just to have it which is different than buying it because you need it.

As others have said..I'd wait a few months to see what appears in the shop. G-force are in beta test, apparently things are on the way from Korg so you may kick yourself when synths more to your palette are released.
Old 2013-04-03, 19:42
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Bought: Mar 04, 2013. Tried .. Release.

If you Buy for the reason you stated, you will regret it.
Thor, Maelstrom. and the Subt - specifically THOR, can do most anything the REs can. I own Predator, Antidote, and the Px7. Now, I use Thor all the time, in conjunction with the REs,. It just took getting to understand the Reason Synths.

And Predator is a BEAST. Today was the 6th Update.
- Some people may need therapy for not having Predator in their Rack. If that's not you, then ...

Get it. It's your Next BEST $120 Textbook.

And, you will smile like Wolverine after you BUY.
Old 2013-04-03, 19:49
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Better off spending the money on Thor/combinator refills
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