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Block mode update

Heres my problem, i love the idea of block mode, as it can make it really easy to arrange a song, but The way its implemented at the moment seems over complicated.

I dont quite understand why you have to keep switching between block mode and song mode, and copy and paste stuff in and out.

I think block mode wold be a lot more useable if it was just a strip above the bar counter which allowed you to select and cut from bar "#" to "#" then name that block so you can re arrange the song without having to do through the process of doing it manually and also reducing the chance of accidently moving wrong parts or forgetng where parts start and end when thing get a little complicated.

P.S maybe ive got the wrong idea of blocks, if anyone here uses them I'd love to know how and why cause at the moment it seems like unless you know which specific part of the song your making at all times (which isnt the case most of the time when im experimenting) theres a lot of switching back and forth and copying and pasting.

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