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100 and 200Hz SoundCheck

Sounds like your going for Energy Creeping up 'em.. and then, maybe a lil Rock n Roll..
Nice Start.

That bell may need to be moved over closer to ~1191 and 2338Hz and maybe a peak halfway between them. It may be a better note/key/chord for the song.

Your Bass is saying something, but it may need a buzz and a good ThudKick to with it.
Check the 100 and 200 Hz region and possibly 70something. You kept your peak/RMS conservative, but you're still pretty LoUd Digitally. To find out pump it up and bit and listen to the Bass. I think I hear something frying. Before the Kick can stand out, you may have to balance those lows.

Hi's, Percussion, and a couple melodic synths pls,

If your ears got you here on your first film score try. Not Bad.
Had a Listen to Bubblers.. iiiiii can see where you're going..

Good Journey, Star Ski.


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