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MIDI editing more workflow

-Please clicking on the mouse wheel, there should pop up all the tools under the mouse to select from.

-one click with tht epencil tool, set a note, one more click on the same note, deletes it PLEASE

-creative MIDI editing possibilities like:
*MIDIpart backwartd
*mirroring in the middle horizontly or vertically
*creating chords out of a men which a a little piano roll to make own scales

-groove of the regroove, also VISIBLE in the piano roll!
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-one click with tht epencil tool, set a note, one more click on the same note, deletes it PLEASE

Ableton does this and please put the notes on the midi clips
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Michael... do me a favor and cool it with the new threads for today, man -- you're taking up 50% of the front page asking for things that have already been requested, or asserting things whose suspect truth-value ain't helping your forum credibility much. Whatever it is you're up to... you gotta know there are better ways to make suggestions, get attention, pimp competing products, or troll forums, right?

The forum search field is your friend.


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