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Yes, and TAGs are quite enough 5 29.41%
Yes but we need more than TAGs 7 41.18%
Yes but we don't need TAGs 0 0%
No, browsing works fine to me 4 23.53%
I really don't care... 0 0%
Yes but I would do it differently (Check my comments) 1 5.88%
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Old 2011-01-29, 11:22
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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post
Tags would be nice but the main weaknesses of the browser is:

1. Slow, Slow, Slow, Slow, Slow
2. No drag and drop.
3. Searching for lost samples is a nightmare, I just end up using windows search which finds the samples much much faster.

I agree on all points.

The Reason browser looks fine... and back in R4 it did the job just fine. But it just doesn't work now, and it's never worked in Record.

Maybe some kind of index cache might be useful...

Oh, and one thing that would really, really nice to fix: the whole parent folder thingamy doo-dah in the main window... you know the thing I mean... it removes the Up One Folder option, and you have to click the drop-down and hope it gives you the Parent Folder option (cos half the time it doesn't).

Assuming someone isn't already working on this issue, or that it hasn't been fixed internally,
Props, whatever really, really cool stuff you are working on now, can one of your programmers just put it down for a month be assigned to rebuild the Record browser for us? Thanking yous!
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason
Old 2011-01-29, 15:18
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all true, unfortunately -.-'
Old 2013-03-12, 16:04
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Reason 8 ?

About this:
Originally Posted by Koshdukai View Post
If Drag'n'Drop from the OS file system was implemented, this wouldn't be as critical for non-ReFill based files, because we would be using existing OS tools to find and pick the correct file to drop on the rack or device.
(This wouldn't solve the ReFill browsing, unless drag'n'dropping a ReFill into the Rack would automatically open that ReFill browsing window).
...we've had this little major improvement since Reason 6.0, which was huge (to me at least) but... there's still the issue (more so due to Rack Extensions being ReFill-like) of quickly searching our ReFill based libraries of patches, samples and loops.

Searching by type, by publisher, by patch designer and by custom user added free tags is still something I keep wishing (because there's less and less to wish for with Reason 7 due to be out soon )
Suggestions: Tags; Scope; Itch; IK OnlineAuth; New?; +1; RTFM

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