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Originally Posted by domain View Post
Just the other day I built a combinator that controls a Thor with my farts.. I felt so much smarter than my idiot parents who keep telling me to 'get a real job'
Thank you, I've been struggling to remember what I dreamed about last night since I woke up

Mark: same problems here minus the depression. Might be the beer that's holding it back.
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Originally Posted by markomarkh View Post
Mmm in its early stages at the moment, think it works differently to how I imagine, you would have to study EEG brainwaves
i think we are more limited with what we can do, on the brainwave side. (pun intended!)

Originally Posted by markomarkh View Post
...see what they do when you hum a tune in your head, think it will take time for it to get a perfect match to the tune in your head!
I think the tech is just too far off from that.
still alot can be done..seemed like quite the handful of parameters...

best of all..its open information, that is there for the taking, if you really want to do it, expand on it etc..
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Best rudest post. I think it stinks.

I have heard ruder jokes but they date back to WW2.

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i have to applaud the dude. His TROLL-FU!! is strong...
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