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I was mostly happy with today's announcement for the inclusion of MIDI out functionality but disappointed that my primary fear about Rack Extensions has (at least for now) been confirmed. I said that the whole RE approach likely meant the end of cool new synths in major updates, and that appears to be the case.

My hope was that they would use REs as a way to get new modules out as soon as they were developed. People who really wanted them could pay to get them early, but the new functionality would be included in the next major revision as part of the upgrade fee. For me, at least, the new value proposition is way off.

I can see the problems they face with that approach (e.g., "I JUST PAID $99 FOR PX7 TWO MONTHS AGO AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY AGAIN???"), but it just highlights some of the shark jumping that I think has occurred with the new business model.

I'll upgrade this time for the MIDI out, but they're going to have to up the ante for future revs. As I've said in other threads, I think that Reason remains one of the absolute best values out there for the starting musician who has no investment in other plugins / platforms. But for those of us who've been at this for awhile, it's getting less and less competitive.

Still, all told, I'm very happy that MIDI out is coming, and concur that some sort of bundle deal for the orphaned RE modules would be a decent compromise.
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