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Old 2013-03-11, 21:48
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Originally Posted by Wyggy View Post
Reason seems to have become the love of your life. Hope your wife/partner is not the jealous type. I couldn't agree with you more even though my better half is a bit miffed if I spend too much time on the computer.
Yeah pretty much. My girl hates it when I work on music but if she becomes a problem I'll replace her and she knows it so I'm good lol
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Old 2013-03-11, 23:34
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Originally Posted by EntityMusicEnt View Post
Yeah pretty much. My girl hates it when I work on music but if she becomes a problem I'll replace her and she knows it so I'm good lol
Ah! I am short of characters. So they say. These damn computers are running our lives.
Old 2013-03-12, 10:51
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Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
umm, because people do?

I was a fairly happy Digital Performer 5 and 6 users, and used that as my only recording tool for a long time (even recorded and produced my band's first full-length album on it). then one day I woke up and realized I didn't want to work on music because starting a new project just took too long. I realized that once I'd gotten competent with the DP workflow, I'd hit a wall as far as efficiency was concerned, and writing/recording/producing had become a chore. DP just was not at all intuitive. I remember one particularly fun episode where I needed a click track to play in 7/8, but no matter what I seemed to do, it would only play quarter notes. after futzing around with the ridiculously overcomplicated click programming stuff in DP for a couple of hours, I had to post the question to the messageboard, where it took a bunch of messages back and forth with some pro-level DP gurus, and a couple of days to get my answer. in Reason, I just type in the numbers I want, and it works.

the bottom line is, Reason appealed to me as a musician first, and as an engineer/producer second. the time from "idea in my head" to "idea on my hard drive" has gone down quite significantly since I made the switch. it's a much more freeing creative tool than DP is (or was - I don't know what they've done since 6).

there were initially a couple of things that I missed from DP that weren't in Reason, such as the ability to manually edit pitch correction for a much more natural sound, and a good LA-2A emulated compressor. of course I still had DP, but I tried to look at these small shortcomings as an opportunity, rather than just doing the easy thing and hosting Reason in DP to take advantage of the few things I didn't have. I became a better singer, for one; since I can't get workable results with Neptune, I couldn't be lazy with my vocal takes anymore and had to improve my ear and ability to stay on pitch (I'm still far from perfect, but definitely better and more confident). as for the compressor, well I have RE-2A now, and I'll probably be picking up Selig's Curve in the next few months, so that's covered.

Reason just has a lot more that I want, creatively, and it's a lot easier to use. Digital Performer, and other DAWs may be "deeper" in the sense that there are more things you can do behind the scenes and more options systematically, but these are mostly for professionals and power-users interested in mixing first, and creating second. these options come at an enormous cost of creativity and fun, for me.

Reason is just a better user experience, period. I have no interest in using any other DAW any time soon.

so yes, there absolutely are people who switched to Reason as their primary DAW.
Ahh, yes. Took the words right out of my mouth! (BTW guitfnky, I like the gear you listed on your siggy *wink wink*)

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I love using Reason 6.5 as a DAW rather than a sound module.

Beats-wise, it's just so easy to layer instruments in Reason using a combinator. I don't have to worry about limiting myself to 16 channels or manually having to route that particular instrument to its own mixer strip. As much as I love the sounds in Kontakt, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to do those things.

Recording-wise, well.. I was a longtime user of Adobe Audition, and I never really found a "home" anywhere when I moved to a Mac. Mainly because I record a lot of takes to get the perfect vocal -- I've never got the hang of comping in any other DAW except for Reason. I also don't understand compression at all and resorted to applying hard-limiting to my vocals (even though I know I'm not supposed to) to even out the amplitudes between those different takes. All thanks to The Curve, this has never been any easier!

To have this all in one program, well... It's a godsend to my music.

Not that there's anything wrong with using other DAWs to make music. But I actually found myself enjoying Reason's "limitations" as it leaves me with a lot more room for inspiration and creativity!

I'm sounding like such a Reason fanboy right now LOL. But keep them stories coming folks, I love reading them and I'm sure plenty of others do too
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Old 2013-03-12, 11:55
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Originally Posted by itsone3d View Post
Ahh, yes.
I'm sounding like such a Reason fanboy right now LOL. . . .

But keep them stories coming folks, I love reading them and I'm sure plenty of others do too
Yes! Very interesting stories. I like twiddling knobs - started in doing it in 1937 on a superhet short wave wireless in 1937. Reason has plenty of knobs. My tunes are influenced by the atmospheric fading that distorted everything coming out of the USA on that brand new but very early radio. Bob Hope sounded like Donald Duck.
Old 2013-03-12, 15:17
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mainly its workflow and the fact that the possibilities are endless, at first when i got it it was alot of setting up and slowing down to get the racks to how i want it, but now that i got to doing beats on iit i ddint become intimidated to use it, i mean the mpc has a better work flow, but the sound quality and the synths are important to me and like i said, the possibilities are endless, i look for the challenge
Old 2013-03-12, 17:37
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I used logic since 4.0 came out.M-audio sent over a copy to try 2000/2001 when they where your distribution back then before avid bought em. Been hooked ever since .

Now it's honestly the fastest way to get a idea out .

I really love it .
Old 2013-03-12, 19:22
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Smile Work flow work flow and work flow

I used to use cubase for a little while then moved to logic now I almost exclusively use reason except when i need to crack out my EWQL Strings.

Apart from Cubase (my god it was bad) and logic having the tendency to crash every now and then, the actual process of creating music was very broken up in comparison to reason.

in cubase or logic if i want to create a piano i had to create a channel then scroll to choose a plug in, which opened a separate plun-in window. now this was fine but once i got a bit further into the production and wanted to start swapping sounds out and tweaking my sounds to make them a little unique, it became a lot more messy. It was long process of opening, wait for plug-in to load, closing and re arranging sometimes multiples of plug in windows all on top of the sequencer which i had to keep going back to.

then I learned about reason, one right click, create instrument and select your patch. cycling through 100s of patches was a breeze and easy on CPU so no long wait times. Then when it came to tweaking my sounds i had a dedicated rack to do just that, all arranged in an extremely logical (unlike logic) way with endless possibilities due to routing options (in logic this is almost a hidden feature called environment and is complicated to say the least) and best of all if i wanted to i could almost completely ignore the rack (minus the mixer) and just start laying down tracks right in the sequencer.

automation was a breeze and extremely transparent and intuitive, just press record and away you go on almost any control, then once your happy you can edit and move automation around just like any other piece in the sequencer. Where as in logic automation was hidden, limited dependant on plug-in, had to be enabled first, only seeable by pressing "a" first and was very difficult to move once it had been recorded.

Last but not least ZERO CRASHES.

All in all it was the work flow that really made me fall for reason. since then ive learned about its really flexible and "happy accident" friendly devices, extremely helpful midi editing features and just all round creativity inspiring interface which has kept me here ever since.
Old 2013-03-12, 19:35
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I use reason because its simple and easy to use even though at first glance it looks daunting, I learnt how to use it at music school and loved it ever since! Just dissapointment with latest upgrades!
Old 2013-03-12, 23:20
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Originally Posted by markomarkh View Post
. . . Just dissapointment with latest upgrades!
You just don't like parting with your cash eh!

Every upgrade should make better songs or make you more productive. I use it as an antidote to dementia. The more knobs there are the happier I am.
Old 2013-03-13, 00:54
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Reason is my lightweight scratch pad when I need something to shake me out of a rut or compositional habit. I'm still most comfortable in Digital Performer for nearly all things, but love hopping over into Reason every now and then to play with cords and find a happy accident here or there.

I also use it to practice patch and sound design, especially with Subtractor or Thor. I'm currently using Thor to get my head wrapped around the ugly guts of FM synthesis.
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