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Unhappy Reason 7 - VST support?

The biggest question as always. 90% of all Reason users wants VST support. Will it be available in Reason 7 and if not, why?

I have contacted all the major VST developers and no one will make their products for "Rack Extensions". I am so tired of having to use Cubase for VST. Rewire, yeah sure but... it sucks.
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Originally Posted by rlinden View Post
Will it be available in Reason 7
Seems not.
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It's not detrimental. With MIDI, you now have an avenue to sync with another VST host.
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Some of the Major Vst-producers already make RE's. At least I consider iZotope and Softube as major.
And Im so sorry but I don't need more plugins. I don't need vst.
I got whatever I need to make a good song sound good in Reason and with Re's. And if the song is bad, then vst's can't help you.
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VST in Reason would be ..... Crap! It just wouldn't work. It will be a cold day in hell before we get that in Reason ...... hang on a minute?!
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Originally Posted by rlinden View Post
...90% of all Reason users wants VST support....
no 90% for midi out, we have Rack extension now for 3rd party plugin
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Originally Posted by rlinden View Post
90% of all Reason users wants VST support.
Where are you getting your statistics from?

I'm sure the vast majority of users buy Reason fully aware that it will not host VSTs. Even when there have been polls on this forum asking who wants it or not, that itself is flawed as most users don't use the forums, most users who don't care about VST are not likely to bother with the thread, and VST threads are often considered a bit of a joke these days anyway.
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Maybe 0.9% wants, damn these kind of threads, get over it already!
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lol XD. Ok cool got my morning laugh.
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I dont want vst support.

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