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Old 2013-03-14, 20:26
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Originally Posted by onemidi View Post
I was doing it myself since before Reason 7 was announced and I had the same problem that is why I complained about it long time ago. Saying I want the software to do everything for me is a huge assumption and you sound very uneducated when you do that just so you know. It sounds like you don't know much about mixing or just don't know what to listen out for. Thats ok, it takes years to master, you will get it one day. There is no way you can get "ass-kicking drum sounds" with an out of phase parallel.
I'm plenty competent. way to miss the point though. you seem to be under the impression that you need parallel compression in order to get good drum sounds. you don't. there are plenty of tracks out there with drums that would kick your teeth in without having used parallel compression of any kind.

but, if you're still going to operate under false assumptions, feel free to get yourself the FET RE, and see what I mean.

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