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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
I've added a note about this in the Reason 7 FAQ, at:

NO DONGLE REQUIRED IN REASON 7! This should be on the top of the front page! THANK YOU PROPS! You really have been listening!

Bless you! Domo arigato! Merci! Muchas Gracias! How do you say "thank you" in Swedish?

"F" the ineffable!

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Less restrictive authorisation! Big up the whiner massive!
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Found it:

tack så mycket!

"F" the ineffable!

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The dongle is nice if you have 4 machines.
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Originally Posted by tagpass View Post
... I also need usb ports for:

- waves licenses on flash drive
- steinberg key with arturia and wavelab licenses
- ilok for autotune and izotope
- usb midi for little phatty
- usb midi for integra-7
- um-880 with all other external midi gear
- korg padkontrol
- korg nanokey2
- alesis iodock
- ni maschine
- akai mpk25
- apc ups
- logitech receiver
- backup (time machine enabled) hd
- frontier tranzport
- contour shuttle
- available slot for iphone/ipad sync/charging
- available slot for connecting my camera

thus, 18 devices.
outta control!!
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Originally Posted by tagpass View Post
Promo pic with the Reason Macbook amongst the modulars doesn't show an Ignition Key inserted.

Love the idea of MIDI out (finally!) in the new update, but to be honest, I've used Reason only sparingly since it's been dongled. I know the topic has been beaten to death, but I've got precious few slots left on both my Macbook and my iMac after all the MIDI devices, controllers, the Steinberg key, the iLok, my Waves license flash drive, etc. Would upgrade to 7 in a heartbeat if the Ignition Key has also been given the heave-ho... otherwise, I guess it's just on my "to be considered" list.

So... *does* 7 still require the dongle?
So don't use the dongle. Is that difficult?
1. I've never had a problem running with internet verification. Never.
2. If by some chance the internet was down (rarely), I'd then use the dongle
3. Add a USB hub, if your USB count is such an issue.
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to be honest i can't see what the big deal is about the dongle, i,ve have more trouble from my USB midi cable getting in the way then the dongle, what concerns me more is the fact that , i have invested a good £500+ in reason and accompanying RE's and this could potentially be available for free if the software is cracked , those who jumped ship when the dongle was introduced because they didn,t want to pay for the long free ride they were given , will soon be climbing aboard the pirate ship.

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