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Old 2013-03-14, 18:00
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No, it's not stupid, and it's probably not 40% of the audio world, as anyone with some knowledge of his craft would have ditched XP by now.

That said, you could always just try installing it on XP. It might work - but if you get weird bugs and shit, you know what Support is going to answer
Old 2013-03-14, 18:04
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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
Its always good practice to be no more than two operating systems behind. There's been 3 operating system releases since XP sadly it was bound to lose support eventually. I'm on a mac and when mountain lion was announced I made sure to upgrade to Lion before it was tool late. Thing is OS upgrades on macs are only $30. The price they charge for windows upgrades are ridiculous.

Edit: Mountain Lion is only $20 even cheaper than what I payed for Lion
That's why I gritted my teeth and shelled out about 50 euro for second-hand usb thumb with 10.7 Lion. I made it only for Reason 7 (do you hear me, people from Propellerhead !?)
But this is last OS I can install on my iMac. Computer isn't slow, isn't sluggish etc. - only has no 64 bit so it was abandoned by Apple.
Old 2013-03-14, 19:25
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Originally Posted by omsot View Post
Sure i accept, what more can i do. I can't stay with 6.5 because i don't have 6.5, i was testing only the demo and waited for Midi Out, now it has Midi Out but now it doesn't work with my OS anymore, man it's a shame, sometimes i think they don't wanna sell their stuff to me.

Ok but your'e right, it doesn't work with XP and that's it, i have to accept. No problem, there are other great software makers out there which still supports win xp.

Sad greetings.
I feel your pain man, I just finally upgraded to Windows 7 on a new desktop in January because the stars aligned. Been on an xp laptop since '08 when my last desktop died ('01 P4!). Bought Maschine in December, and while it worked with it's native software on xp, the midi driver couldn't be installed. I was due anyway, and man, when you can afford a new machine it's worth it. I'm traveling at light speed.
Another thought if it's within your range - you're on xp, but is the mobo Win7 ready? The OEM versions of 7 are pretty cheap.
Old 2013-03-14, 19:36
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Originally Posted by Exowildebeest View Post
No, it's not stupid, and it's probably not 40% of the audio world
look we are talking about almost 40%, this is not a minority. set this in relation and u see how stupid that move is.

when 1000 people from the "audio world" want to buy Reason 7, 400 of them can't buy because they on xp, lets say 50 of them change the os, then u still have 350 of them they can't buy Reason 7 only because they on xp...

Originally Posted by Exowildebeest View Post
as anyone with some knowledge of his craft would have ditched XP by now.
sorry that's bs and u know that...
Old 2013-03-14, 19:47
Exowildebeest Exowildebeest is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
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I don't know, I doubt it is BS. It certainly isn't BS from a craftmanship perspective: if you want to keep up with the latest software, keep up with OS developments. Hell, you're even allowed to be a bit slow. I though I was slow when I went to Win7 two years ago. And imagine how it is for Mac users, who seem to get a new .0.something cat in the face every month!

There was a Computer Music poll I believe a while ago, and I don't think XP hit 40%. So I'm not sure about the actual data, I could be wrong, but I think not.

By the way, I don't think you'll regret upgrading to Win7 if you do. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to OS's, and I didn't regret it at all.

Money shouldn't be an issue either as nobody has to pay for an OS these days anyway, thank you Pirate Bay.

The only hit you might take is certain old software that has not been made compatible with modern OS's, but that's life, and sometimes, there are workarounds.

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Old 2013-03-15, 09:10
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guys i agree with all of u but that's not the question, it's not about which os is the better os. it's simply a fact that xp is right after 7 the most used os today, u can't deny that and it doesn't matter how good or bad it is compared to win 7 or mac osx. as a software company to say we ignore almost 40% of our potential pc customers is a stupid move. u don't need to know much about business to understand that this is not the smartest decision for a company in a tough market.

look i don't wanna change the os. i will stay as long as i can on xp and not because i don't have the money or something. i like my whole system as it is and it works really well since years, there is no reason to change anything. maybe in 1 or 2 years, than i change probably to win 9 but not yet. reason 7 looks great and i would like to come back to the rack but the pheads says no you are on the wrong os, it's not the most used os today, it's just the second.

that's all i wanted to say.

i wish you all the best guys and have fun with reason 7.
Old 2013-03-15, 10:25
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Originally Posted by timfxor View Post
if i where a software developer and i know that almost 40% of all pc users worldwide using win xp, how stupid must i be to keep them all away from my software.
Think about Internet browsers. Today, web pages can do amazing things with Flash and other innovations. I'm using the latest version of Firefox, and I play little video games on websites, watch videos, all the graphics and animations in the RE Shop do their thing. But if I was still using Internet Explorer 3, none of that stuff would work. There'd be a ton of websites I just couldn't see.

A lot of people still use Win XP, but that's going to change as more developers switch to making things for Windows 7 and up. Eventually, as computers get more powerful, developers are going to want to do things with their programs that are just too hard for WinXP to handle, and they will have to drop WinXP support just like they dropped Windows 95 and MS-DOS.

I also still have WinXP, but this isn't the first time I've seen a program I wanted that wasn't able to run in XP. I actually own one program I can't use because I didn't realize it required Windows 7 until I downloaded it. Even then, I decided to stick with XP, because I didn't think my aging desktop could handle an upgrade. Well, now that Reason needs Win7, I'm probably going to have to knuckle down and get an entirely new computer - because I love Reason and want to continue using it in the future (and take advantage of some of R7's new features). I'm not exactly happy about it, but the writing's on the wall, and I've delayed all this about as long as I could.

(My current computer's lasted me 8 years.)
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Old 2013-03-15, 10:37
zouki zouki is offline
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Steinberg Cubase 7 does not support winXP either... but!

It works on winXP AFAIK...

Could be the same for R7?


Old 2013-03-15, 11:06
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Originally Posted by zouki View Post
Steinberg Cubase 7 does not support winXP either... but!

It works on winXP AFAIK...
Yes thats right, officially afaik since Cubase 6 no longer XP support but it works on XP without problems, i know a few producers who working with Cubase 6 or 7 at XP SP3, its the same with the current Sonar Version. But the brandnew Live 9, Studio One 2.5, FL Studio 10, Reaper and so on, all still officially XP SP3 compatible.

Hm i doubt that Reason 7 will work on XP but i still hope it will work, i dont know, i will testing the demo when its there and then i will see.

Anyway i still think it is a bit too early from Propellerhead to stop XP support for Reason 7.

Old 2013-04-30, 21:47
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It really is time to drop XP imo, it just doesn't make sense. BUT I have Win8 Pro and it's fine but I am hearing that Windows 7 is a better experience so drop the couple bucks I think You can pick 7 up for really cheap now

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