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Old 2013-03-15, 12:41
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Hi (and apologies to Propellerhead, but you won't accept vst plugins),

If you really want to bring your recordings to life, use iZotope's Ozone 5 mastering software.

I use a copy of Sonar LE provided free with a control surface keyboard to host the Ozone software. Export your completed mix as an audio file from Reason and import it into Ozone.

I do the mastering in 2 stages, first Excite and Widen which boosts it up a bit, then a second process on top of that. I find that Country Master Pop, CM Rock, Rock Master Indie, and RM Pop work well. Export each version as an audio file, then remove that process (keeping the Excite and Widen), re-process with the next one, export that, and so on.

You will end-up with several different masters which you can then compare using headphones, your monitor speakers and your main audio set-up when you burn them onto a cd. Decide which one you like the best (some bring out certain instruments or vocal parts more clearly than the others) and keep that as your final mastered song.

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