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First sorry for my bad english.
I cant understand, why there are so many user disappointed.
If the price for the new features are to high, dont buy them.
Maybe Reason 8 will be the better version for you. And what will happen? Propellerhead gives you the same Chance: If you own Reason 1 to 7 you can upgrade to reason 8.
Why it is so important for you, that other people get it for a lower price!? It happens once.

If i buy a new tv, it also can happen, that the price of the same device will be increased by 50% because the company maybe exists since 100 years and has a special offer. This is not unfair, this is lucky for the people buying it the right time.

I was very happy about the possibility, to change from Reason 1 to Reason 6 for a really low price.

I dont use reason as a professional. So i dont earn money with music. I am happy about the midi functions. I will buy it.

Come on, the more new user join propellerhead the longer Reason will exist.
The next version, the new user will be in the same situation, where is the problem?
If Propellerhead gives the software the first time for free, is it really a problem?

User 1 gets Reason 6 for free, but he has to pay for Reason 7.
User 2 gets Reason 7 for free, but he has to pay for Reason 8.

"Other people, other people..." Come on! You bought reason because it is pretty cool, isn´t it? So enjoy and let the other "newcomer" be happy!

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