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Originally Posted by SteveDiverse View Post
I disagree. It is always very clear. You can't install a single piece of software without accepting the agreement... People just don't read the agreement, they just click "Accept" because if they click "Decline" the software won't install.

"Not reading" is very different from "not clear" IMO.

NOTE: I am not necessarily in disagreement with any complaints about any software licensing agreements, I'm just pointing out that software companies are very transparent with their licensing agreements - people just don't read them. It's called "caveat emptor".

Here's the entire props EULA (noting that compared to other software products, this EULA is extremely concise. Give a look at the iTunes User Agreement in contrast):
In this case I don't want to take sides however I went through the agreement and it was n 't clear to me, so I email Propellerhead they sent me an automated response telling me to sit tight and they would get back to me as soon as possible, I' am still waiting for a response from Propellerhead.

e. The musical examples connected to the Software may NOT be used in any commercial music production- this is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Propellerhead Software

When you read an agreement you need to be sure and I question the agreement do they mean in general, why can they state license free or not license free, when referring to sounds when you copyright a musical work you get credit for the sound rights if you claim the sound rights, however with Reason they have control of the sound rights because you are prohibited to mix, sample or filter any sound connected to their software. To me this software is way offer price only excluding if the info that I have provided is incorrect, that's my opinion.

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