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Old 2013-03-18, 03:10
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Originally Posted by selig View Post
The differences that have been revealed by Ludvig are that solos and sends will work more as you expect. With v7.0, you can solo just the group channel and hear the entire group, or you can solo just an individual channel in the group and hear it without also having to solo the sub-master.

And sends work differently too, but also more as you would expect them to work. With v6.5 and earlier, if you mute the sub-mix channel, you will still hear the "ghost" sends from any individual channels with active sends. Also, if you adjust the fader of the sub-mix channel, you will not be adjusting the send levels causing the amount of FX to change relative to the dry signal (not good).

But sends now work as you would expect them to work (in v7.0), where moving the sub-mix fader also adjust the send levels in the group, and muting it mutes the sends contained in the group. This retains the exact FX balances, and is something that even Pro Tools can't do! It's an extremely helpful feature if you find yourself using sends that are on channels that are being sub-mixed. :-)

Ok I get it , It's something I kind of played with sometimes that ghost fx but it was not always for the best results ,
I was using it as a filter buy muting the track or lowering the volume and made a slow raise up until the beat kicked and at that moment I would un-mute

thank you for this exlplanation Selig !

but I guess there is a million ways to do that kind of fx anyway so I rather have those changes,
it will save me a lot of time not to have to creat a bypass automation to mute those side fx

Originally Posted by vanKloot View Post
Yes, genuine busing as appears to be in R7 is extremely helpful and much needed, I doubt very many people would disagree there.

But it's not the only "grouping" capability that matters. Selecting multiple faders to manipulate them together is also incredibly useful.

Imagine for a moment on a physical mixing console, that you couldn't move more than one fader at a time. You could move them all, but only one by one. What a pain that would be! And it's much the same in Reason. Sure you can get a physical controller and map faders to those in Reason (I have several options for doing this) but then you're manually changing the precise balance between each fader, and it would be far better to just select multiple objects (faders) and manipulate at once. This fits standard computing UI guidelines and would be a tremendous productivity booster IN ADDITION to proper buses.

yhea I know , I kind of get those points right but I asked that question because I was not shue if it was going to be like in the smal line mixer chanel or something cheers!

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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