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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
A rule-based approach is unlikely to work as I think you're underestimating the complexity of NN-XT patches. PH's own Studio line, for example, has very complex key mapping and zoning.

And remember it's also complicated further because NN-XT has per sample parameters, whereas NN-19 is global. So unlike the conversion from NN-19 to NN-XT, where NN-XT just applies the NN-19 global settings each imported sample, a lot of information will be discarded in the opposite direction. So in effect you are recreating the patch by copying samples and then setting the parameters for them, not copying the patch itself - which is simply impossible.

I think joseydeclaire is probably more on the money with a simpler copy & paste sample (and note range mapping) function, that might work, and even be useful, rather than trying to attempt an automated system that few either understand, or probably even use.
Yeah, probably copy/paste single layers at a time would be OK. My idea was more for converting simple patches that you made yourself. You wouldn't have to understand how it works at the nitty-gritty, it would be more of an experimental tool, it would just work intuitively and throw away the stuff that it can't convert. The first layer's parameters would convert over.

Now that I think of it, this is a pretty idiosyncratic feature I'm suggesting. Maybe Reason should just support user Lua scripts so we can write our own cockamamie macros that suit our workflows.

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