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This is my guess:
But authorising reason on the computer still needs to go through the propellerhead server just like the ignition key does now. As far as I know there is no option to authorise offline, which is where other software companies fall short allowing people to write their own offline authorisation code or whatever it is they do.
Hopefully there will be no crack but time will tell.
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did anyone not notice the change in the business plan for Props? you all kinda sound like this is 2004 and the sale of the app is the only thing they have.

the new RE shop will fuel the drop in sales if there is even one. they make something off each and everytime someone buys a RE.

they are in a better place as a company then they ever have.

and this talk of releasing music is silly.

let me just say this.. There is not one contract out there artist to artist that is the same. saying you know what the % splits are is silly . Unless you really only have tune core.. and thats like pissing in the wind for releasing music...

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