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Old 2013-03-19, 10:09
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Not actually zooming in on a single rack extension, what I would like is a resolution changer.

I was using reason on a TV flatscreen for a quite a time, and while the size is usefull so that you see alot of instruments on screen at once, sitting 3 metres from your screen makes, like you say, the tiny letters are way to small to read.

Had to strain my eyes so bad I stopped using the big screen and went back to my laptop screen, but still not quite happy about it.

Sure, changing desktop resolution works in some ways, but this cuts off pieces of the screen which means the bigger screen isn't really an improvement.

Hope something like this will be fixed, eighter a zoom (which isn't a bad idea eighter) or something like changing resolution, or maybe just a zoom all slider next to the play button at the bottom.

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