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Originally Posted by marcuswitt View Post
Yes, sure, VU doesn't have necessarily much to do with perceived loudness. At this point I am with you. But, nevertheless, VU does have more to do with loudness than a peak meter does. And as far as I know (and hear), in the context of music production loudness is more important to us and to our ears than volume level and peak levels. Well, before RECORD was released I was wondering why no other DAW manufacturer has not yet implemented VU metering. So, I am happy with VU metering.
I would say the reason no other DAW has done it in over 20 years is demand. If it was necessary, it would have been addressed years ago, I would think. ;-)

I'm still curious why you feel you need to "see" loudness on individual tracks - I can demonstrate why I need to know peak levels (if I haven't already done so). :-)
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