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OK man read this ok !

the key to get good sound in reason or real studio are two ways ,


rather you buy refill that good super proscessed samples (not dry) to jump all the sound design steps (like vst's and hardware synth and such)


or to learn how to design or push some fx to enhance the power of them (compression done right on each sound , distortion , reverbs etc)


then on both ways you need to learn how to mix everything together to ballance the beats and get the details of every sounds you been mixing on (not to loose by other sounds the ones you been working and liked)

4) then you need to learn mastering if you wish to not pay for it but that is only if you been doind all those the right way !

I'm not a pro at all but I spend the last year and a half into learning how to make what you just ask so yhea it's a pain but then you could enter a real studio and not feel lost and maybe even anderstand it all

I spend a few dyas watching that guy online and re-watching the sessions so I advise you learn the A/B compression thing he did and then watch that mix down !

you could also send him your tracks and he could help you maybe because he is cool and done it before !

thats the guy link
and in the forum he is called djphathead .

I would suggeste you get in touch with him , he is the only one out here that I've seen streaming live so you can write questions and send him beats hope it helps !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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