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Wink orchestral RE !


I like RE instruments, and I'm waiting for a very good Orchestral RE instrument, particularly for strings !
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+1, something like Radical Strings would be very welcome!
Old 2013-03-18, 12:10
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I hope they will make it really cool
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I've found it hard to find "vanilla" instrument sounds, as without effects.
The radical series brought two great units already, one can only assume (hope) they make more!
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Originally Posted by DENEUVILLE View Post

I like RE instruments, and I'm waiting for a very good Orchestral RE instrument, particularly for strings !
Not going to happen..unless Propellerhead decides to upgrade to a more capable sample player engine.
Old 2013-03-21, 22:40
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would be nice to expand ethic sounds as well, maybe an RE like MOTU's ethno. I want better indian and asian sounds.
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Not so much a string RE but a new DECENT sampler so that decent sounding libraries can be made for it, like kontakt.
In fact i think kontakt should make a RE version so we could use all existing libraries.
Then the sky is the limit for Brass, Strings, Guitars and all acoustic stuff missing from reason in quality comparable to others available in vst format..
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+1 from me, I like some of the orchester sounds but something along lines of radical strings would be great
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you cano do like I did and ask devs like IK multimededia but most devs dont do yet RE's they scared and rather think I-apps are the shit for there sorry ass softawares !

I wish we could have a miroslav and a sampletank-xl2 RE because using them vst is chit 4 me !

I guess some vst will vanish with there crap as time goes and Props will have to do those RE's By them selfs

+ one 4 the Radical orchestra !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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