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I've heard a couple of songs of your album and I have three remarks about it:

1) Your sound could benefit from a more powerful rhythm guitar/bas sound, metal should IMHO be all about guitars and it's the combination of guitars and bas that creates this. I don't know how many stacked guitars I hear but I would definitely go for 2 left and 2 right.

I think you're tone is pretty good to begin with, I'd like to hear it with more beef, try to do something in the 120 region or 400. I found that a bas guitar with a nice lowmid distortion on it works great as well. Maybe I'm old but I think a real amp miced up sounds way better than a sim. I think your sound is a sim but I'm not sure. Sims always lack in bottom weight IMHO and it's difficult to get it with eq.

2) Your grunts are great but the clean singing is lacking a bit. It's not much but sometimes it's a bit off.

3) Snare sound. It's a taste issue, but I'd like a more natural sound.

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