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Old 2012-05-08, 02:04
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Originally Posted by selig View Post
OK, makes sense. I guess as more apps include tempo like Reason does, then it would be less of a problem. But if the file comes from a different reason song, then tempo is imbedded automatically. I don't know how you already know the tempo of your audio, but you can use Reason to imbed tempo on any audio track (for future use).
They hardly ever do come from another Reason song. They're usually some instrumental stems or vocal tracks that either come with a text file having some basic info about them such as tempo and key, or sometimes the tempo is just mentioned in their filename. If not, I count the tempo myself in Audition 1.5 which I use as my audio editor.

Originally Posted by selig View Post
Other wise, and like others have said, set the tempo before import. It's just a matter of semantics here with files of known tempos:

you want:
import the file
get info
type in the correct tempo and click OK.

Currently you have to:
type in the new tempo first,
import the file, and
type in the old tempo

Both take three steps to accomplish, so there's probably not going to be a huge rush by the programmers to change the order of these steps. While your solution is a bit more elegant, there would be no real time-saving advantage of changing the current workflow IMO!
There's no need to really _change_ anything, or did I misunderstand? I'm asking a simple addition to the context menu that would let me define the clip's original tempo. It could still be done the other way - changing tempos and importing in between. It wouldn't hurt the current workflow but instead give a quicker control to those of us who want to have it. It wouldn't ask the user for a tempo when importing a file that didn't have tempo data. Nothing would change in that aspect.

Also, as I said earlier, if I want to reset a clip's original tempo to a different one, I have to re-import it with a new tempo. Suppose I have 10 audio files that are spread into different folders, some being vocal tracks in a song project folder, some being loops in my sample folder and some audio files from, say, a ReFill. Instead of hunting down each one of them again, I could just pop up a menu.

The timestretch is fantastic and such a solid part of the sequencer, that I think leaving out a simple and quick possibility to control what the song tempo is being compared to when calculating the amount of timestretch is just absent-minded.
Old 2013-03-25, 23:47
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Totally agree. As an Ableton convert I cant believe this sort of thing isn't a part of Reason 6.

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