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Damn you Ableton, why can't you just Push off :(

Originally Posted by BoddAH View Post

Actually I'd rather reason had[sic] a spectrum analyzer. It would look cool AND be very useful since Reason doesn't have one.
Lucky for you (perhaps) anyone who upgrades to Reason 7 IS getting a spectrum analyzer. And it looks like a nice implementation at that!

Regarding Ableton users, I think the thing I'm most jealous about is PUSH! That thing is just so gosh-derned sexy, and if the claims regarding the near mousless/keyboardless workflow are to be believed then...

... Well OK, it's not quite enough to make me sell my Balance/Reason 6.5/MPD32 set-up (the only way I could currently afford Ableton and Push) but it's getting very darned close. I expect if I hadn't already invested time and money into Reason, I'd be a smug Push owner already.

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