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Old 2013-03-19, 09:11
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Originally Posted by rankine15 View Post

You are forgetting how to stay in a mode. All the advice about discipline will not help you. You should do something like the following: :
I stopped taking you serious after this.

After, I checked your band's link. Instantly thought it was trolling music when the vocals came in.
Old 2013-03-19, 23:32
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The main thing is to record any idea that come into your head, e.g. first thing in the morning when you wake up, right away. Sing it into the voice recorder on your phone if it's not convenient to pick up whatever instrument you mainly use. Regularly listen to all these bits of songs and see which, if any, fire your imagination.

If I'm struggling with lyrics, sitting on the toilet with a sheet of paper on a clip-board works for me almost every time. Maybe because there are no distractions?

I also listen to songs that are "complete" and mastered fairly regularly and take notes. Sometimes there is a slight mistake or "something missing" that can suddenly lift a song from "ok" to "brilliant" once you add it to the mix then remaster it. I heard a quote that said "if you think a song is ok, then it isn't". Ok isn't good enough. A song needs that extra something to lift it from the ordinary.

Best of luck!
Old 2013-03-20, 09:43
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This is a very fine example of multi-tasking.

We need a recorder especially adapted to be fitted to a bike so we can record just what musical ideas come to us as we ride the bike through a traffic jam. A taxi driver's remarks may inspire some people.

After that, when we get home in the evening, it is time for a lot of hard graft to turn the recordings into a musical idea - followed by more hard graft to knock all ideas into a commercial song.

Apologies for the English scenario but please do your own adaptation. You could just work up a lyric. I am not clever enough.
Old 2013-03-21, 11:22
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Any doubt on the topic music please visit the site
Old 2013-03-21, 12:17
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Originally Posted by Jinoreginar View Post
Any doubt on the topic music please visit the site
Thanks for that. A very useful site.
Old 2013-03-21, 20:13
MikeRex MikeRex is offline
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This is quite a coincidence! I wrote a song called "Traffic Lights", in the trad jazz style, many years ago while held-up at a set of lights. "I'm gonna miss these traffic lights girl, I don't think I'll get through. But although I'm gonna miss these lights, I won't miss them as much as I miss you."

At the time (mid 70s) I was driving a van for a garage and used to keep a cassette recorder on the passenger seat. I also wrote a song called "Rainbow" at the time and probably one or two others that weren't related to my journey.

I intend to rework and re-record Traffic Lights some day so you might hear it eventually. "Rainbow" is probably a bit too twee/corny.
Old 2013-03-24, 11:59
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We left you up in the air, MikeRex. Please finish Traffic Lights and delight us with a good old mid 70s song.

My son has said many times that something I wrote, left him wanting more. The old composers had mastered the art of bringing a piece to a satisfying end. Most jazz formats have a form of ending (tumm tiddly da dah).
Old 2013-03-24, 14:07
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first of all my inspiration can come from listening to other peoples music of the feel of what i'm trying to create for instance, i work with samples a lot so , today i want to make a blues type record , so might pull out one of my blues vinyls or look up some old school blues and listen and try to break it down

as far as projects if i started a beat and its been a few hours and it just seems to be going nowhere i throw it in the idea pool i have and move on to the next beat. If what i'm making moves me ill sequence and it out and depending on the genre arrange it accordingly, by this point i listen to it alot in my car on different speakers and then rap it up quickly to make my next beat especially if your on a roll .

Hope this helps
Old 2013-03-25, 22:48
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I finish my songs, where are yours?

The person is having trouble remembering what key or church mode they are writing in. They are writing several musical melodies, but they are not combining.

I'm sorry, but you don't even sing.
Old 2013-03-26, 00:46
MikeRex MikeRex is offline
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I hope to get around to it fairly soon, if only to attempt to make the instruments used (trumpet, trombone, clarinet, banjo, bass and drums) sound reasonably (pun not intended!) realistic in MIDI. It will an interesting exercise! It's really more of a mid-60s style, as per Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, but the style was revived for "I Want To Be Like You" in the Jungle Book film.

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