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Talking Reggae dancehall dub

been producing my music on reason
and would like to get some reason user feedback, and help in the music genre posted in the tittle.
you can link me here or on souncloud

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collaboration is always welcome
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Not bad - the samples are well placed but would need removed if someone were to voice over it.

The vox arent bad at all = it said Dancehall so I was expecting the typical (inna proper way) two kick drums and a snare pattern. But for what it is = its a chune! Good workx.

Post some more stuff = Im a firm believer in how good Reason is for Reggae = nice to see people doin it
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Arghh TwixyM ' u is reggie init . Cool little track & a nice clean MiX ' 1 honest opinion , i would be tempted to let out more bottom-end = Kit n Bass ! just a wee tad Jamie .
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