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Originally Posted by dstreets View Post
I have the Novation Remote Zero controller running Automap 4 with Reason 6. First got excited when received news about the new Automap version thinking "surely they will improve the map for Reason/Record"? Novation did not. However I think the software is a bit more stable.

Then with the most recent version of Reason 6 (6.0.2) there was mention about an improved map from Novation but I have not seen much of a difference.

For me Automap still needs to be pointed at the channel hardware it is controlling. This is done by locking it to the rack unit (or mixer). Just right click to confirm if it is or is not locked to what you want (you probably already know this).

If you have a saved default song file and you already have Automap pointed at the mixer (and this is what you use it for) then in this sense it should automatically be set once you load the song file.

Overall, I still think the default map for Reason is terrible. It's a shame really because the Novation hardware worked really well using the original Reason template with earlier software versions.

When I have a weekend to waste I'll create a map for the mixer which is actually usable!
I have just bought myself a Novation Impulse 25 and the only trouble i have with Automap is mapping the fader to a fader on the new Mixer (introduced in Record).

Works absolutely fine with the standard 14:2 mixer, and other devices.

Hopefully another update will fix this.

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