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Old 2013-03-27, 00:50
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[[[[[ both ]]]]]] ' I would buy Antidote first because it is much easier to program from init Patch apart from sounding wonderfull & full of brite life' Predator requires a little more detail & attension paid to its Patch building, but there is a TON of presets that show how Phatt Predator can sound ' equaly as with Antidote ' its kinda silly to say one is better than the other ' they are both very capable & uniqe Synths
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Originally Posted by calmbird View Post
Hi! I can afford only one of those great synths Which one should I chose? I can't decide by myself! Both are great.

Which one would you chose? Help me abit I'm Jean Michell Jarre and C64/Amiga Music lover Made a lot of remixes already ^^

And the P.S. Question.
Will those prices go a bit lower? 99EUOR is a bit of money, mby I should wait for some promotions or smth?

Regards Musicians!!
This is a music forum - not a help me make a decision forum.
Old 2013-04-02, 01:49
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never played with predator but i have antidote and ill vouch for antidote lol. pretty easy to program and built in effects are good as well.

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