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where did you buy?
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Originally Posted by MrPaully View Post
Yeah! I thought for 14,800 yen, it's crazy not to buy it. So I did.

Oh, well... I'm using mine with Pro Tools with no problems. What other software are you using?
I mean not other software. But after using reason, normal application (ie. Firefox using youtube) don't switch back to windows driver and try to play through balance. And it cannot play it correctly.

EDIT: I installed driver 1.1.0 and now it works correctly
REEDIT: still, sometimes outside Reason it gives me problem
Originally Posted by cr68 View Post
where did you buy?
amazon japan

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hey trsthebest!

thx for the answer. are you from japan? or from europe? i life in austria so i dont know if it will work to order there?
thx in advance for your help
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Hi! I'm from Europe but actually I'm living in Japan. I don't know if you can order from you Europe. Sure you have to add shipping fee and taxes fee. I think I read you can find Balance in Europe for 300 hundred euro average. I can try to look on if they send to europe.

Edit: I tried to buy one and send it to Europe. Actually on you cannot ship Balance to Europe. In fact they ship just cd Dvd and Vhs out of Japan.

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I bought mine from Rakuten, try ordering from there. Some shops ship overseas.
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I think balance here in uk is too expensive for what you get. you can get better soundinterfaces for the same amount here in uk with more specs..... if you already got the software you get more buying another interiface for same money...
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For a reason user balance is the go to sound card. Get one and you won't be dissatisfied .

Good luck!
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I bought one in UK (lots of uk dealers are selling them for around £259) Works great. I was gonna upgrade to Reason 7 so with the free upgrade offer it is great value at the moment. Works great with Ableton live 9 too, and the headphone output is nice and loud as well which is cool for me as I am deaf in left ear (really lol)
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