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Guys, when are you going to hit us with a great 'PLAYABLE' sax refill. I'm in the throws of working on my Jazz album and realize I need more authenticity to help the purest I'm working with get what I'm after.

Help .... Bring it please.
Junior out.
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Hate to say it - but if you are dealing with a "purist" - then there is not really a software alternative to the real thing when it some to sax - in reason or anywhere else..

For reason this is what i've found...

-Navi's street jazz refill has some playable saxes, and is quite avant garde in places.
-There is a loop collection from bob reynolds from the loop loft, you can transpose various parts if they fit what you are looking for
-similarly the sould school refills are good for that and i think they have a few playable (nn-xt'ed) patches as well
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