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Old 2013-03-31, 00:13
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Add way to temporarily disable "trigger notes" while dragging notes around?

It would be cool if there was a way to temporarily disable "Trigger notes while editing" while you're actually dragging a note around. Maybe Shift-click-and-hold could do that?

Sometimes when you hear a melody in your head, it's distracting to hear the notes in between the current spot of the note you want to move and where you want to move it.

Or I mean, any button once you've actually clicked-and-held the note. Command/Alt, Control - whatever. You just wouldn't be able to hold down Command or Control before clicking the note, cause that would trigger drawing notes and the context menu, respectively.
Old 2013-03-31, 00:53
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Agreed. It should be a toggle on/off thing like Snap to grid is.
Old 2013-03-31, 06:36
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Top-left R6 > Edit > Preferences > Editing > Trigger notes while editing (uncheck it).

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