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Improving Vocals

I've recorded some vocals on 6.5, and need to know what I can do next to improve the quality of them. Do I need to EQ them, then add some effects or Insert Effects, then Compress them? I tried the M-Class Equalizer, but wasn't sure what I was doing (or listening for) to improve. Any tips most appreciated. Also while I'm here, does anyone know how to contact propellerhead via this site?
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Contact the Props via the links here

Actually it´s pretty hard to say which is the correct method to improve vocals if you don´t have them right in front of you or can listen to them.
In general:
-compression ( Selig´s The Curve is very good in this regard)
-parallel processing

There are a thousand and one possibilities.I mostly decide what to do if i´m listening to them.
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it's a quite good one

Recording and Producing Vocals

don't forget to check it can do magic with vocals (check the vids)
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i would say

1 , make sure your performance was on point
2 , was you standing in the best place whilst recording ?
3 , did you record at a good level ?
4 , is there anything in your recording you don`t want ?( EQ )( cutting out pops and clips and back noise that should not be there ie a police siren outside .
5 , are the levels of your recording going up and down ? quiet parts and loud parts making your recording sound uneven( compression )
6 , check timing issues if any
7 , is there anything you would like to bring out more in your recording ? presence warmth etc( EQ )
8 , do you want to add a bit more life to your recording ? ( effects ) ( layer your vocals with more vocal recordings )

these are things you need to ask yourself , then make the changes .

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