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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
Why would someone have your account password? Do you leave it written down on a piece of paper in your wallet behind your credit card?

Because yes, the first place a burglar is going to go after stealing your computer is to go the PH website so see if you have an automatic login so he can get the latest Loop Loft ReFill.

And after nicking your credit card number that credit card thief is going to go immediately to the PH Shop to buy Soul School 2. After all if he'd nicked your credit card, he'd have the CVC number anyway, so exactly how does PH adding CVC protect you from fraud? If you'd bought something over the phone and spoken to a dodgy merchant, giving your card and your CVC, then the CVC was of no protection at all, since the dodgy merchant now has your entire card details that you willingly gave him. If he'd skimmed your card number and PIN electronically via an ATM or hacked Chip/Pin system, he wouldn't have the CVC number, but then he could still buy stuff at the shop next door and your card issuer would almost certainly in the first instance, refuse any liability.

You do realise that if you're using a credit card you are legally protected from fraudulant transactions?

So Chip'n'Pin and CVC are merely an attempt by CC companies and banks to put the onus of security, responsibility, and inevitably the blame and costs onto the consumer when it all goes titsup.

And multiple confirmation screens are redundant - if you can't check it correctly the first time why are you more likely to check it correctly the second time? It's like saying "goodbye! take care! see you soon!" when hanging up the phone. Just one of them is perfectly adequate.
I think it should be optional. If you prefer, so put checkbox and forget about problems. Personally, I prefer to enter my CVV2 each time to confirm the transaction.

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