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Originally Posted by Jchop76 View Post
I'm interested in knowing what others are using as well. is there really a best to go with?
I've been using 88.2 kHz for a good 9 years now. The original reason was because I found out that Subtractor didn't produce harmonics at 44.1 kHz all the way up to the 22 kHz mark on all notes, and some of the effects sounded a bit clearer at higher sample rates too, especially the RV7000 and Scream 4. I figured a multiple of 44.1 kHz was the most convenient when downsampling back to 44.1 kHz anyway. I've learned to produce and mix with all the native devices at 88.2 kHz, and eventhough the difference is miniscule at some cases, I usually hear the difference when the sample rate has accidentally been changed to 44.1 kHz when resuming work on an unfinished track.

That being said, 44.1 kHz is perfectly fine if you're happy with the sound and you're used to it. The oversampling argument isn't even that important since we have Thor, but I still prefer the reverbs and distortions (especially the Digital algorithm on Scream 4) at 88.2 kHz. Also, since the CV signal rate is 64th of the audio sample rate, using 88.2 kHz makes twice as smooth modulations. I'd really like to see a big improvement there still.

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