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Old 2013-03-31, 07:38
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Originally Posted by iamspartacus View Post
However, I do find myself setting up the AC30 patch in Reason, putting in The Echo and an RV7000, and just noodling for hours because it "feels" right to me.
One thing I've been doing to get that in-the-room vibe is running a mono in, stereo out reverb. Not a complicated thing, but it works for me. It amazing what even a little room verb will do to making the sound playable. This applies to every modeler I've used, hardware or software.
Old 2013-04-01, 03:42
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Some excellent replies, and its good to hear some of you are using digital for your guitar. I do agree with the rich tones from a good amp, but as I don't own one, I'll not be buying one, but stick to my solid state cabinet.

In other news, and I'm very excited about this, I just a moment ago bought 6.5 + Balance online, and its downloading as I type. Crappy Australian internet being what it is, I should be up and running in two hours. Bring on the free upgrade to 7 in a month!

I'll be pumping some guitar and see for myself, by this evening.
Old 2013-04-01, 06:50
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I own a modified 1967 Fender Bassman head, which I have not used in years, and a Behringer Blue Devil "guitar workstation" with plenty of onboard effects and a scant handful of amp simulations. I primarily use the Behry in other people's studios for monitoring, running my Roland VG-88 emulator through it. Otherwise I use the Roland direct into the board in my studio and live. I would say that the Roland takes care of 95% of my sonic needs. I also, very occasionally, use the Line 6 in Reason because sometimes it's quieter than the VG-88, although it lacks the overall versatility.

What the Roland does beautifully is recreate the sound of many different guitars. I don't know of anything besides the Line 6 Variax that does that, and the Roland offers much more control and variability. Naturally, it also simulates numerous effect, amp, and speaker combinations.

That said, there are things that no emulation will do. I'm still searching for something resembling Jeff Beck's tone. There may not be a substitute for that perfect Strat through the Marshall rig he uses. (Which is to say nothing of his finger technique.) Likewise Mike Oldfield. There aren't enough effects in the Roland to come even close. It may just take a rack of studio gear with an actual amp at the end of the chain to get that sound. I'm sure you can think of your own examples.

Short version: An emulator or effects rack/pedalboard will probably suffice for the majority of a typical player's needs, but for the purist or those looking for an absolutely distinctive sound there may be no substitute for tubes and wires.
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Old 2013-04-01, 14:38
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I still play live shows in two different bands so I still have my Marshall JCM800 half stack, pedalboard, ect. But, if I didn't, I could see myself selling it all and getting an AxFX or Kemper. The Line 6 stuff in Reason is actually not bad at all and I use it on every track, mixed with mic'd amps. I would LOVE to see some guitar amp RE's in the store though.
Old 2013-04-01, 15:37
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I have totally gotten away from a real guitar amp, to the point that I sold all my guitar amps. I still have an ampeg Bass amp for gigging, but other than that I think software is the future. Reason + guitar is a dream!
Old 2013-04-01, 16:28
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Originally Posted by dreampolice View Post
I have totally gotten away from a real guitar amp, to the point that I sold all my guitar amps. I still have an ampeg Bass amp for gigging, but other than that I think software is the future. Reason + guitar is a dream!

I haven't used, or mic'ed, a real guitar amp in almost 20 years. There are hardware simulators out now that do a fantastic job. I'm still waiting to be convinced with software but hardware is tremendous.
Old 2013-04-01, 17:49
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At home I use my neighbor friendly POD. But I must say, with that rig, I have never felt the joy or power of playing in a small warm club using a tube amp with just a cord and guitar (no effects)and being able to change the timbre,tone, and distort with just my fret hand and pick style.
And when those power tubes(not preamp)start to crunch a bit, wow!\

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Old 2013-04-02, 15:58
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I have binned absolutely everything and just use Reason MClass Devices, Pulveriser, Scream, etc etc and stick the Line 6 stuff on at the end triggered from a Line 6 FBV Shortboard MK2.

I run bass guitar and electric and it just about meets my needs at the moment.

I feel reason gives you many many options making your own devices in a combinator. I can do traditional sounds, and some major fooked up stuff. Its down to your own tweaking that makes a tone, not a purists point of view.

The line 6 stuff does the job for now, I find it easy to sit the guitars in the mix and love the flexibility. That said I would instantly buy a decent amp/cab simulator RE if I had the chance.

Its also much easier just taking the guitar, the pedalboard and my laptop about rather than hulking a huge speaker everywhere I go
Songs are never complete, only abandoned.

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Old 2013-04-02, 18:40
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I'm actually not a fan of the Line 6 stuff. I love Reason, but the amp modelling is a real weakness compared with Amplitube (the most accurate modelling in my opinion) Guitar Rig (which I've found the most sonically creative) and even Logic's amp modelling. I have the waves amp but haven't used it.

So if you only have Reason, I'd definitely suggest keeping an amp as an alternative.
You can always run Reason via rewire into a DAW with Amplitube or Guitar Rig though. (How awesome is rewire...??!)
Old 2013-04-02, 19:15
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Agreed. The current Line 6 amp is extremely limited in tones and needs a serious upgrade or just a new device in Reason all together. I'm really surprised nothing new has come out for guitarists since Record, as far as amps/cabs go. There are SO MANY guitar tones we're missing.
I had to sell my Marshall and Vox amps last time I was strapped for cash real bad so Line 6 in Reason is all I have. I make do with what I've got for now but I've been begging Propellerhead and or RE developers to come through for a while now.
The RV7000 Guitar room patch sounds pretty good when tweeked right.
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