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Old 2013-04-02, 19:23
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Originally Posted by emark View Post
Hi! I'm new in Reason 6, i just bought it three weeks ago. But i have a problem, i don't have an audio interface, and i don't know which would be nice for me (talking about a limited budget). I searched the possibility of buying Balance interface individually, but i didn't find it possible. Could anyone tell me a compatible and accesible audio interface for mic and guitar?

Thank you,

I have the same question? Did you get an answer?
Old 2013-04-02, 19:57
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Originally Posted by DWagner View Post
M-Audio Fasttrack interfaces are good and cheap.

20.00 w/ 5.00 shipping used on eBay!
+1 I still use mine. Good peice of kit for cheap. I'm running it on W7
Old 2013-04-02, 23:05
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I use the Lexicon Omega. It has a guitar/instrument plugin on the front. I have used it for input for Reason, and for studio monitoring. I find it to be a solid/quiet piece of equipment. And it's cute, too.
Old 2013-04-03, 04:36
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Do yourself a favor stay away from anything M-Audio they are worse then creative for driver support and avid owns some of the interfaces and another company now owns the other ones that avid didn't want to keep. Avid makes m-audio and creative look like saints when it comes to driver releases and fixes. The focusrite sapphire's are good, though i found the 2i2's input and pres to exhibit strange behavior. I currently have an akai eie pro which works well although it can have some crackle and pop issues until you get it sorted out.
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