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Cool Audio > Midi

The only feature of Abelton 9 update which caught my attention and would be a very welcome feature in Reason would be the Audio> Midi note function

Recording a beat box or melody with your voice and the ability to convert that to midi notes just sounds like a fantastic way to create your own inspiration!

I am not considering switching to abelton for this feature, but would wholeheartedly welcome this feature in the Rack!!!!

Sorry if this has already been mentioned <3
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yes it has been mentioned, but always another opportunity to reinforce this request.
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Polyphonic? If so, I think this is probably something best left to specialized software like Melodyne. If not, try Audio to CV.
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Thumbs up

Actually that feature of Ableton 9 works quite well and is a very nice short cut to create a matching accompaniment track to a recorded live performance or a vocalist.

It would be great if reason could get that feature as well.
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If not, try Audio to CV
You sure?
Audio to CV cannot recognize pitch from audio.
Bitspeek can it.

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