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Feedback inside Thor.

I'm having fun trying to recreate some patches from different synths inside Thor. And I'm sure that lot's of you guys tried U-he synths.
In Diva there is a rotary named Feedback. Here is what manual says about it:
The FEEDBACK knob controls the amount of signal taken from after the main filter and fed back into the mixer – like Jan Hammer’s trick of connecting the extra output on his MinimoogTM back into the audio input. Relatively low values of feedback cause a subtle bass boost, higher values can create subharmonics or even wild howling noises. Note that a natural side-effect of higher feedback is less obvious filter resonance, so you may have to compensate for this.
Is there any way to recreate same effect in Thor? I've tried this:
Source(Shaper) Amount(100) Dest(Filter 1 Audio Input)
But it sounds completely different.
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Try to route the filter 3 output back into filter one.
The shaper is a little early in the audio chain to create this effect.
I suggest to begin w/ very low amounts as this can easily joke.
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Originally Posted by electricfusion View Post
Try to route the filter 3 output back into filter one.
The shaper is a little early in the audio chain to create this effect.
I suggest to begin w/ very low amounts as this can easily joke.
Another way:
Route the shaper to (an empty) filter 2 which is routed to the amp section
mod bus - Filter 2|||80-96|||Filter 1 Audio In
Then you can mess with filter 1's frequency and resonance to fine tune it and a lot of the time it takes on a formant. But, yeah, careful with those levels

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It may have to do with the fact that Thor does not use a zero-delay feedback design for its filters.

I would try going out of Thor with the filter bypassd, then one of the new filter REs (Etch Red and Synapse AF-4 are zero-delay I believe), then feed that back into the filter.
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The simplest way of producing feedback would be to route the Amp output to the Filter 1/2 In. Start at around 50 and don't go too high. It sounds different most likely because DIVA uses a zero-delay feedback filter model with non-linear behavior.

If you ask me, that Moog style feedback sound can also be achieved just by raising the drive in Thor. Best when used with the Low Pass Ladder Filter 24 Type I, and/or 24 Type II.

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