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Theres a couple of the combis I use.

one has a redrum controlling the first 8 kong channels - then matrixes for the rest.
- I load my kicks and snares, claps, pops, woodblocks etc up into the first 8.
then mainly hi hats into the matrix controlled last 8 channels
- it's also good to have maybe an extra clap or snare in the matrix controlled bit - if you want fills - but a steady beat on the re-drum section sometimes it's easier to just matrix those fills......
ooh and of course velocity programming in the matrix > redrum
- and you can automate separate pattern changes in the sequencer for just that one matrix - so you have a lot of control and can have lots of different layers and variations to the beat.

----- I hope that makes sense... i've only recently started talking to other human people about this stuff, and while I know what I mean - i'm not certain i always make sense to everyone else.

- the other one
is literally just a wall of matrixes falling out the back of kong.
for some reason theres also a spider cv in there - ignore it - it isn't doing anything and i've no idea now why I put it there - you can just delete that and nothing bad will happen - I think when I made that combi - I thought you also had to connect each matrix's note out to Kong's Gate cv in - as well as whichever channel you wanted to control - started doing that and realized it was madness and stopped halfway... oh well.
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