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Old 2013-04-04, 00:11
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Originally Posted by ayello View Post

If my memory is good, there was a little issue with the DX7 about the velocity of the keys, i mean, when you hit the keys the harder you can, it never gives you 127 value, it gives you less. It can be an issue if you use the DX7 as a midi keyboard and you set sounds with midi events happening at the max velocity value. But i'm not sure of this.


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Old 2013-04-04, 00:31
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Around 3000kr in Sweden. Thats about 200 dollar.
Old 2013-04-04, 01:04
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Originally Posted by JellyF View Post
Around 3000kr in Sweden. Thats about 200 dollar.

cheers for that

it look like they all are between 18 and 20 years old and that there still a lot of them so a buy at 200 could turn to a good deal if keeped in a box until the others die !

but then to buy and sell now to make cash is another thing so i will not buy the one I was proposed and I will see later for one for myself I think !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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Old 2013-04-04, 21:30
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saw one in the store down the street a few months back, they wanted 399 if memory serves. That was in a retail place with reputat and store guaranty, so street price would be more like 300.
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