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Reason 6, available how long?

I´m thinking of buying Balance+Reason Essentials. My computer has Windows XP, which means I wouldn´t be able to upgrade to Reason 7. So, can you still buy Reason 6 after 7 is released? If not, I would be stuck with Essentials and probably should buy Reason 6 now just to be safe.

Cheers, Fred
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When Reason 7 is released, they'll stop selling Reason 6.5.

They have already stopped selling Reason 6.

If you don't purchase it before they stop selling it, you may be able to find a copy on the secondary market.

You can buy a Balance + Reason 6.5 bundle, which is the normal Balance+Essentials+Reason 6.5 upgrade.

This would also give you a free Reason 7 upgrade, which you can use if you upgrade your OS.
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Thanks for the info, much appreciated


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