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Originally Posted by matthammond View Post
Couldn't you just set each of the pads to what ever sound generator you want in the pad assignment window?
Yes, but perhaps you missed the point. Here I'm talking about arranging pads of 16 sounds you'd like to keep. Currently to do so, even if you have all the sounds you'd want, but want to rearrange, you'd have to reassign (browse) for those samples again per pad.

Say I have a snare on pad 10 and a clap on pad 2. Both I like, but I would like to switch their placement.

I could 'copy' the snare on pad 10 and 'paste' it into pad 2. Now I would have two of the same pads (same snare) on pads 2 and 10. I will now need to re-browse for the clap sample on pad 10.

What I am suggesting is an option to merely swap their placement without needing to re-browse for samples. Just drag and swap.

Unless there's a way to do this that I'm missing...

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