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How Much Time

Just curious as to how much time a day/week ya all can spend with Reason, or any DAW for that matter. Between my job as an engineer and playing sports I don't get much time at the Mac. I tracked my time spent playing around in Reason for the last 10 days, all of 3 hours!!! Wooo I know I know.
I play guitar, drums, keys and violin but thats about it. So it's not like I'm some super musician dude who can make a career from music, which is fine as I like to keep music as a hobby, stress relief.

So how much time do you get spend making music?

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As a stay at home Dad.... usually an hour at nap and an hour after the kids go to bed. 2 hours a day is not half bad!
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I spend a TON of time in reason, less than 1% of it making music, though. It's a sound designer thing, heh.

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