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Backing up reason files.

Computer is acting haunted. I am going to back up my most prized files on a 16 gig SD.
Is there anything special I need to do so that my personal samples will play on a different computer If need be? I am assuming If I uncheck the self contain button in preferences I should be good to go. Right?

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If you UNcheck self contain, then the samples won't be packaged inside the song, so you'll need to put those on the card to, won't you? Testing it once you get them backed up is your best bet. I'd burn everything you want to dvds, too. Go through your entire file system to make sure you're leaving nothing behind. Take it from a guy who lost a hard drive in September. There are things that will pop up that you never considered.
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thank you. I would rather produce music and put his stuff off but....that sounds like foolishness at this point.
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Not sure of your OS but windows 7 has the ability to perform a self image. That captures everything but you might need more than 16g for the back up.
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osx 10.8 is my operating system i believe.

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