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Old 2013-04-05, 23:35
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Originally Posted by vanKloot View Post
LOL... oh damn, maybe it was that radioactive spider that bit me the other day! I knew something was weird about that.
hey, vision can improve. Maybe not all your hearing loss was cilia related.
Old 2013-04-05, 23:42
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Be afraid, be very afraid.
You only have those ears...
Pressing "PLAY" is NOT a live performance...
It's called "playback"
Old 2013-04-07, 13:46
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Yep, most sounds are like that are actually low in frequency. Generating 10Khz-12k sounds is pretty difficult in the real world without electronics. Resonance is a mutha sometimes.
Old 2013-04-07, 13:53
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How? LOUD music: Hyperacusis.

"It can be acquired as a result of damage sustained to the hearing apparatus, or inner ear. There is speculation that the efferent portion of the auditory nerve (olivocochlear bundle) has been affected (efferent meaning fibers that originate in the brain which serve to regulate sounds).

Hyperacusis (also spelled hyperacousis) is a health condition characterized by an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound (a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound). A person with severe hyperacusis has difficulty tolerating everyday sounds, some of which may seem unpleasantly loud to that person but not to others.

A person suffering from hyperacusis might be startled by very low sound levels. Everyday sounds like shutting doors, ringing phones, television, running water, ticking clocks, chewing gum, cooking, normal conversation, eating, D I S H E S, and other sounds will hurt his/her ears. In extreme situations even the use of earplugs fails to bring relief and the patient may spend their life trying to avoid all sounds and just stay at home.

or, something else....

Michael Scott

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