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Old 2013-04-07, 06:39
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Lots of good thoughts, advice, and misc. but as a person that started out as a guitarist and then used Reason (like it sounds many of the other posters probably were) I just have to throw in my 1.5 cents.

I think the beef against emulation is mostly crap. Sure a real live tube amp driving the ouput tubes and pushing real air will "feel" better, but in the mix I'm not sure you can even tell the difference anymore though. I am not a big fan of the std. Line 6 stuff that comes with the program but it sits in a mix pretty well and works good enough for most things. I prefer Guitar Rig, although I think if you do blind tests not many people can tell any of it apart so take that for what it's worth.

I have not even played through a guitar amp in about 5 years.

Old 2013-04-07, 08:09
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Originally Posted by Nazlive View Post
Unbelievable stuff. Thanks for the link, for interests sake only but I want to stay exclusively in Reason. Maybe one day Props might develop a RE like this. In the meantime, R6.5 is exciting enough with all the other features *I just discovered the Alligator today, to process a bass loop* and I'm happy enough being able to record guitar against electronic compositions, and route through the great "Echo" device.

So back to onboard MIDI pickups for guitar, the Roland GK-3 pickup always seems to be a part of the GR-55 device. I'm wondering where the audio is processed to MIDI on this arrangement, if its converting at the GK-3 stage, then is it possible to plug straight into Reason without the GR-55? We don't need the onboard synth sounds, right. The output cable doesn't look like your regular 1/4in TS, so what's the signal coming out of this pickup?

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Old 2013-04-07, 12:25
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Originally Posted by eric View Post
Nice cube, Nazlive. I still can solve that thing within 2 minutes. Only 6 formulas!
Well i can't
'Exploring all the possibilities in Reason is like a Rubik's cube'
Old 2013-04-07, 18:04
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Recently I was talking to some people about their recordings that sounded great. It turns out, all the guitars were recorded via a POD X3. There were some really, really great tones, and all the amp models are available with the Pod Farm amps.

To be truthful, I have a love/hate relationship with the POD in Reason. I hate it, because usable sounds are hard to get just right, and all the tones I like require my iLok with my Pod Farm Platinum license. I love it, because when I do get a good tone, it's convincingly good, and I can start getting creative again with Reason devices.
Old 2013-04-07, 18:10
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The best thing about ampsim in reason is that you can completely change you're sound without re-recording the entire thing, you can alter duplicate you tracks, change, compare.

Adding all effects, amps, ect on a clean guitar signal post recording is a producers dream.

Plus with the combinator combined to all other effects (RE's or not) and the spliters so you can have way more than dual done, you can have as many tone as you want.

If you cant get a good sound out of this, I think its a lack of experience or patience tweaking.

Not saying you will get the real thing, but you have more than enough options to shape and get a good sound.

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