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You migh want to check out the BEHRINGER CENTARI iAXE... USB Gitars

USB port for direct connection to computer, play and record with "Native Instruments" modeling amps and effect pedals. Solid body, maple neck, 22 frets, chrome hardware, 3x single coil pick-ups and vintage style tremolo. Includes Kristal 16 track music software and audacity editing software, compatible with PC and Mac (incl. ASIO and WDM driver). Includes CD, USB cable, guitar strap and 3 picks. Stereo headphone output for jam sessions with the computer and for connecting to active monitor speakers. Plays MP3, WAV, AIFF and OGG audio formats (vari-speed for easy practicing). Powered via USB bus
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Originally Posted by quantumjump View Post
You migh want to check out the BEHRINGER CENTARI iAXE... USB Gitars
This is no MIDI guitar. You just don't need an interface to record the pickup sound due to the USB connection.
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well if you've got some cake to spend this might be of interest
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Originally Posted by Torreason View Post
well if you've got some cake to spend this might be of interest
Which also is no MIDI guitar, unless you spend additional $745 for the MIDI option. For that price, you could midify about every guitar that still lingers in your attic...
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hmm, good call i didnt realize that it was an added option. either way its out of my price range with or without midi
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the interviewer is quite bad doing his job... questions are oriented to marketing way, not to a creative and musician way.... I hate those videos from NAMM that don't really show us what is there... a fan-tas-tic place for music and technology.
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I'm a guitarist, and have tried the MIDI guitar experiment twice in my years of playing. I tried the Axon 50 and the Roland GI-20 unit, a Godin and a Graphtech custom job. They were functional, but I was not able to use them in a creative manner. It was mildly discouraging to sink the money into and there was such little net benefit. I end up better off playing on a keyboard styled MIDI controller.

With all that said, I'm very excited about a promo video I saw somewhere. Apparently, Neptune has a MIDI CV or something of the sort. I've watched so many videos that I'm not certain which video it was in. (Browsing for it now). This would allow you to route a guitar through neptune and pull MIDI data based on the performance to trigger a synth. Now this isn't ideal, but in a recording environment it could be used quite creatively. And being I'm already intending on forking over the coin for Reason 5 / Record 1.5 it seems to be a very welcome feature. Chording will require playing each string individually on a seperate track.

Here's the link: @ about 2:30

I don't know if this is an option for you. As a consumer and fellow guitarist, I'd discourage the purchase of MIDI guitar equipment. I don't see a good benefit from the investment. Don't waste your coin.
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A Ztar for Reason

I come to this forum with 30 years experience with Midi Guitar dating back to pioneering Midi Guitar in TV, Jingles and recordings in 1983. I have owned: SynthAxe, Roland GR-1, GR-50, GR-33, GI-20, GM-70, GR-700, Yamaha G-10/G-10C, and the New England Digital Synclavier. I have tried Axon, Gus, and others. I have a YouRock Guitar (a toy) and have played a Misa Kitara. The best of that bunch was the SynthAxe and Synclavier combination, although it was unwieldy to tour with.

Currently, and since 2007, I play the Starr Labs Ztar Z7S exclusively with Ableton Live and Reason 6.5. It has NO LATENCY. For those who doubt this claim, check out my videos of "Lift Off" and "Warp Drive" and ask yourself if what you see could be possible with a Pitch to Midi System. I assure you, it can not. Not only because there is no "tracking" delay, but because the Ztar has 8 nested multi tuning maps, which allow me to divide the neck into 32 zones and discard the chromatic scale to place sound anywhere on or across the neck, as comfort and convenience allows. This also allows me unique use of Reason's Combinators which can be heard/seen in my Ztar videos.

Strictly speaking, the Ztar is NOT for everybody. It is not for the impatient. It is not for those who won't let go of their traditional guitar. But after years of struggling with edits to get rid of ghost notes, this instrument was shown to me and it did more than open up the Midi guitar door. It changed my approach to playing music ENTIRELY. It allows me to perform music that can not be played on ANY other instrument, Midi Guitar or midi keyboard. And it has deepened my musicality to the point where it continues to provide this musician, an ideal platform for personal expression, without apologies for latency, tracking delay, or features. And as a platform for entering data into Reason, it's unbeatable.

And that is the Ztar's greatest "secret": there is no one right way to play it. But I can assure one and all, that it is the future (well, my future).

FWIW, as a result of my use of the Ztar, I've just been nominated for the Indie Music Channel Awards Best Classical Artist of 2013.


Les Fradkin
New Media Artist / Composer

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